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Summer NEBAS League Registration

2014 Summer NEBAS League Registration has now begun.

Check out the latest news about Summer NEBAS here.

NE.B.A.S. /Bergen All Stars has been offering towns in Bergen County and Rockland County travel baseball leagues since 1989. Further information is provided on the official NEBAS Summer League website , click here.

NEBAS Summer League

NEBAS Summer League

N.E.B.A.S. will be offering levels of play for :
7u/8u Coach Pitch
8u (40/60, Player Pitch)
9u, 10u, 9u/10u Transitional
11u, 12u, 11u/12u Transitional
12u (50/70)
13u, 14u and 16u

The 12u (50/70) is a new level that is growing in popularity throughout the country, with major youth baseball associations offering tournament play at this intermediate field dimension,  and the Summer N.E.B.A.S. Boardfelt it best to offer it to our towns as well.

Opening Day is slated for Monday June 16 ( June 14 for all 13u,14u and HS levels) and the Summer N.E.B.A.S. Board hopes to be able to host your teams/program.





2013 N.E.B.A.S. / Bergen All Stars Fall 13u/14u Baseball League, Glen Rock 1- Hillsdale 0

2013 N.E.B.A.S. / Bergen All Stars 13u/14u Baseball League score; Glen Rock 1- Hillsdale 0

Bergen County Line train #1253 leaves the Glen...

Bergen County Line train #1253 leaves the Glen Rock Station bound for Ridgewood, its next and last stop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



English: Glen Rock Boro Hall station in the to...

2013 NEBAS/Bergen All Stars Fall HS League, Fair Lawn 9-Moonachie Legit 0

2013 NEBAS/Bergen All Stars Fall HS League score;

Fair Lawn 9-Moonachie Legit 0

Fair Lawn Baseball

2013 NEBAS/ Bergen All Stars 9u/10u Fall League, Emerson Red 6- Tenafly 5

Emerson Red 6- Tenafly 5, October 20, 2013.emerson baseball;

2013 NEBAS/ Bergen All Stars 9u/10u Fall League

2013 NEBAS/ Bergen All Stars 10u Fall League, Old Tappan 10- Emerson White 0

Old Tappan 10- Emerson White 0.Old Tappan Baseball

2013 N.E.B.A.S./ Bergen All Stars 9u/10u Baseball League , October 20, 2013.

Old Tappan Baseball

NEBAS 8u Fall Baseball League 2013

Teaneck 10 – Tenafly 4

NEBAS/Bergen All Stars 8u Fall Baseball League 2Image013

NEBAS 9u/10u Baseball Score

Old Tappan 9 – Westwood 7 OT

2013 Fall NEBAS/Bergen All Stars 9u/10u League

October 12, 2013


NEBAS 9u/10u Baseball Score

teaneck southernTeaneck 9 – Old Tappan 7

NEBAS 2013 Fall 9u/10u League

October 13, 2013.

Fall and Spring Umpire Assignor

Lenny Rosenberg is the Umpire Assignor who assigns the games for all Fall and Spring N.E.B.A.S./BERGEN ALL STARS GAMES.

To Book An Umpire for Your NEBAS/Bergen All Stars/Bergen Travel Baseball League  Fall  or SPRING Game, click here:

Send Umpire Assignor Lenny Rosenberg An Email

OR call Lenny Rosenberg at (201)314-3627.


10 Tips For Your Little Leaguer – Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

Peter Soumas, Trustee for Northeast Bergen All Stars came across an article written by one of the surgeons from New York’s Hospital For Special Surgery.

It is a must read for parents, coaches and league officials to do their utmost to avoid serious injury for many of the young players in baseball.

10 Tips For Your Little Leaguer – Hospital for Special Surgery, New York.

Bergen All Stars Pitcher

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9u Spring N.E.B.A.S. SCORE

Emerson 14u defeats New City Generals 14u

sunday, Jun 9, 2013.  Emerson defeats New City Generals  14u, NEBAS/Bergen Allstars Spring League  ,14U.

Tweet from Matt Morgan (@mattymo70)

Matt Morgan (@mattymo70) tweeted at 2:39 PM on Sun, Jun 09, 2013:
Cresskill. 8. Fort Lee National. 0. F
Sunday, June 9th

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Tweet from Matt Morgan (@mattymo70)

Matt Morgan (@mattymo70) tweeted at 10:39 PM on Fri, May 31, 2013:
Cresskill. 12. Ridgewood. 2. F
Game scheduled Sunday, May 19th
Game played Friday, May 31st

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Tweet from Mario A. Barquin (@MBarquin0526)

Mario A. Barquin (@MBarquin0526) tweeted at 3:37 PM on Sun, Jun 02, 2013:
@BergenAllStars 10U Spring Travel Game played 6/2 at Tenafly
Tenafly Orange wins
Mawah 3
Tenafly Orange 8

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Tweet from Rob Berninger (@RobBerninger)

Rob Berninger (@RobBerninger) tweeted at 11:14 PM on Thu, May 30, 2013:
@BergenAllStars 12U (46-60), River Edge 13 Closter 5, May 5, 2013

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Tweet from Rob Berninger (@RobBerninger)

Rob Berninger (@RobBerninger) tweeted at 11:13 PM on Thu, May 30, 2013:
@BergenAllStars 12U (46-60), River Edge 10 Ridgewood 2, May 5, 2013

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Bergen County High School Baseball Tournament

The Bergen County High School Baseball Tournament weathered the storms and the semifinal round began on Sunday May 26 with  Northern Valley Old Tappan High School being hosted by St. Joseph’s Regional High School, Montvale .  Old Tappan threw Junior RH Pitcher John O’Reilly against St. Joe’s lefty Rob Kaminsky, the best pitcher in Bergen County for at least a year, who should be drafted in the first round of this year’s MLB Amateur Draft beginning June 6 through June 8.  Representatives if the Phillies and Padres were there among others who we could not identify.  Will the Yankees or Mets let this home town talent leave?  The Mets draft 11th and the Yankees draft 26th and 32nd in the first round.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

The greatest joy in watching today’s game was enjoying how many players on both teams have been a part of the Bergen All Stars /N.E.B.A.S. Leagues through the years.  Better than 80% of the 2 rosters have represented their home towns in N.E.B.A.S. League play for their respective towns, needless to say it was a great feeling to witness the players being announced to remind us of the growth and popularity of the North East Bergen All Stars League.

In a game where both pitchers dominated play, where Old Tappan had chances to score early the game turned on a home plate fair ball call in the bottom of the 4th inning. A batted ball  by some accounts more than a foot foul of the 3rd base bag was called FAIR  by an umpire not in position and very slow to get out from behind the box to make a call.  Perhaps future B.C.C.A. semifinal games will bring in a 4th umpire to avoid such terrible mistakes that clouded what was a great effort by Kaminsky but equaled by the younger O’Reilly.  It seems like an easy problem to fix but cannot take away from the call made. There were 3-4 news writers along the first baseline who had the perfect vantage point and not one commented that the ball was fair, but the difference being foul by how much., ranging from 1/2 foot to 1 1/2 feet.  In a 3 man umpire crew with a man on 1st, the only umpire in position to make the call was the home plate umpire who changed the course of a game by lack of hustle.

Kudos to Rob Kaminsky, who tossed a 2 hit gem and  who we will all watch in early June come draft time . There were numerous MLB scouts there,  speed guns in hand who saw a great effort by Kaminsky who solidified his spot as one the top HS Pitchers available for the draft and each  probably left also making a memo to themselves to follow Old Tappan’s O’Reilly who was on this day equal to Kaminsky, tossing a 5 hit wonder of his own .

For a review of today’s game, please read the game review from NJS:, here,


2013 NEBAS 13u Score Emerson, NJ. vs. Harrington Park

NEBAS Score reported by Dave Cannici, Emerson 13u Manager:

Reporting Score 5/17 13U: Emerson 6 – Harrington Park 5

2013 N.E.B.A.S. / Bergen All Stars Score.

NEBAS Baseball

Tweet from Alison Evans (@AlisonEvans13)

Alison Evans (@AlisonEvans13) tweeted at 9:44 PM on Fri, May 17, 2013:
@BergenAllStars 13U. 5/16 – Cresskill 11 Closter White 10

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