2012 Fall Playoff Updates, November 10, 2012


Below are the games for each level this weekend, November 11, 2012:.Due to the unfortunate nature of this past 2 weeks of weather the top seeded Wayne PAL 10u team will not be available for the playoffs. Our thoughts and wishes go out to the players and families of their team and all who will now begin the rebuilding process of their lives.

  Game # Level Home Team Visiting Team Date Game
1 13u/14u New City Hillsdale 11/11/2012 Playoff
2 13u/14u Tenafly Demarest 11/11/2012 Playoff
3 12u Leonia Tenafly 11/11/2012 Playoff
4 12u Teaneck Hillsdale 11/11/2012 Playoff
5 12u River Edge River Vale 11/11/2012 Game
6 12u Ridgewood Lodi 11/11/2012 Game
7 11u Westwood Ridgewood 11/11/2012 Playoff
8 11u Tenafly Wayne PAL 11/11/2012 Playoff
9 9u/10u Tenafly 10u Old Tappan 11/11/2012 Playoff
10 9u/10u Tenafly 9u/10u Wayne PAL 9u/10u 11/11/2012 Playoff
11 9u/10u Washington Township Hillsdale 11/11/2012 Game


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