2012 Fall NEBAS/Bergen All Stars Playoff Update:


November 2, 2012

Coaches, Directors and Parents,
We have made a decision to postpone the playoffs for one week. Between the power outages, the problems in families having to gas up their cars , many still without internet and email, and overall devastation to families we will play the 1st round of the playoffs next Sunday, November 11 and the finals will be played on November 18. The long term weather reports for our area will have daytime temperatures in the 50’s. even with this possible Nor’easter arriving on/around November 14 daytime temperatures will be above normal. I hope you call can understand why we have made this decision and our best wishes to all of you and your families. I will email the schedule this weekend to for next week to all.

BTW, if it is any help to any of you I was able to gas up yesterday in Congers, NY, Route 303 with little or no line. Though the price is higher than NJ it is gas.


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